The firm helps accident victims for their claims of damages. We provide free initial consultation

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents – When you are involved in an accident or you are hit by a distracted, drunk and negligent driver, you are entitled to repair /replacement of vehicle, medical and physiotherapy treatment and benefit for income loss.
  • Motorcycle accidents – You are a motorcyclist and a bigger vehicle, car or truck, took the turn without seeing you and you suffered injuries.
  • Slip and Fall – You fell down, slipped on wet floor or anywhere whether inside or outside, you deserve a fair compensation for your injuries.

Zahid Law provides you services for your accident benefits from your insurance company.
If you are NOT AT-FAULT then by law you are entitled to fair and equitable compensation for your injuries, financial losses, loss of social activities, loss of educational opportunities and all other financial losses.
The lawyer at the firm will work with you to get you fair compensation for all your losses.